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Delphi Card-Sorting – Eine neue interessante Card-Sorting Technik

Delphi card sorting is similar to open card sorting, except you allow participants to build on the results from other test sessions. Instead of asking each participant to start from scratch, participants can iteratively improve a proposed hierarchy. To conduct a Delphi card sort:

  • Have a subject-matter expert (SME) create an initial information hierarchy.
  • Present the initial information hierarchy to the first participant, and ask the participant to make changes to it.
  • Follow this process iteratively with other participants, each of whom contributes to the evolving hierarchy, until participants are no longer making major changes to the organizational hierarchy.

The idea of Delphi card sorting is to gain insights into designing a hierarchy with fewer participants and potentially less effort. Because participants do not start from scratch, there is a lower level of effort per participant and less chance that fatigue will contribute to poor data.

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