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Neuer ISO 9241 Teil für Website Standards

Da die alten Richlinien nicht das Medium Web abdeckten (siehe auch meine Schlussfolgerung: Business Centered Design), gibt es nun einen neuen ISO Teil.

Part 151: Guidance on World Wide Web user interfaces This part of ISO 9241 presents detailed design principles for designing usable web sites. The standard covers five areas:

  1. High-level design decisions and design strategy: What is the purpose of the site and how is this made clear to its users? Who are the users and what are their goals?
  2. Content design: What is the site’s conceptual model? How is content organised and how should the site deal with issues such as privacy and personalisation?
  3. Navigation and search: How should the content be organised so that users can navigate the site easily? How will users search the content of the site?
  4. Content presentation: How should individual pages be designed so that people can make use of the information? How should links be designed?
  5. General design aspects: how should you design for an international audience? How should you provide help? What download times are acceptable?
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