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5 Sekunden Schnelltest

Ein sehr interessanter Discount-Usability-Test Ansatz gibt es von UIE.
Bei diesem kurzen Usability-Test bekommen die Probanden die zu testende Seite (bevorzugt Startseiten) nur 5 Sekunden zu sehen. Dies entspricht der durchschnittlichen Erstkontaktdauer. Die Probanden müssen dann im Anschluss aussagen, wie Sie den Task bewältigt hätten. Eine Methode die ich mir sehr gut im Internet vorstellen könnte (terminierter Picture-Viewer oder in Form eines Live Tests bzw. synchronen Remote Usability-Tests).

Nach kurzer Recherche habe ich auch einen solchen Dienst gefunden: http://www.fivesecondtest.com/

Hier ist es möglich Screenshots hochzuladen und aus 3 vorgegebenen Testmethoden auszuwählen. Für schnelle und kostengünstige Datenerhebungen bestimmt äußerst interessant.

Hier noch ein Auszug zur Methode an sich:

As we often do in other types of usability tests, we start by giving users a focused task. For the Donation page, we gave users a simple task:

“You’re ready to donate to the Red Cross organization. But you’re unsure of what kind of donation to make. What are your donation options?”

Next, before we show the user our page, we tell them we’ll only display it for 5 seconds. We ask them to try to remember everything they see in this short period.

Once the user views the entire page for 5 seconds, we remove it by either covering it up or switching to another window. Then, we ask them to write down everything they remember about the page. When they finish jotting down their recollections, we ask two useful questions to assess whether users accomplished the task. For the Donations page, we’d ask, “What is the most important information on this page?” and “How would you go about donating to the Red Cross?”

Analyzing the Results

By paying careful attention to users’ initial impressions, we can identify whether the content page is clear and concise. If the page is understandable, users will easily recall the critical content and accurately identify the page’s main purpose…

The Benefits of 5-Second Testing

Limiting the viewing time to 5 seconds, we get a valuable glimpse into what happens during the first moments a user sees a page. When we give users more than 5 seconds to study the page, we’ve found they start looking at the page more like a designer, noticing details they would normally miss or misinterpret.

Frequently, we’ll conduct 5-Second Tests with paper mock-ups or low-fidelity electronic prototypes, such as PDFs or Photoshop page renditions. We can test very early in the development cycle, long before the team builds a functional web site. Often, this early insight can help point out site-wide information design requirements, saving much redesign work down the road.

One of the 5-Second Test’s biggest advantages is how quick it is. When evaluating the Donation page, each user took only 10 minutes! Because this technique is quick and easy to implement, it is perfect to run in locations where we can gather many users at one time, such as trade shows, conferences, and the company cafeteria. We can gather large amounts of user data in a short time.

Den ganzen Artikel gibt es hier.

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