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Browser-Kompatibilität prüfen mit… “When Can I Use…”

Ein weiterer techniklastiger aber hilfreicher Fund beim Smashing Magazine:

Hilfreiches Tool...

Hilfreiches Tool...

When Can I Use… is a compatibility table that shows which upcoming Web technologies are compatible with which existing browsers. Select from HTML5, CSS3, SVG and a multitude of other technologies, then specify which browsers and versions you want to know about, and it spits out a table that tells you what’s supported and what’s not (including partial support).

Given the wealth of technologies that are just beginning to be available for general use, this table could be a lifesaver for designers who aren’t sure how compatible certain properties and attributes are. Rather than waste time on development only to find out that your nifty code doesn’t work in half the browsers out there, you can turn here to find out first.

Hier gehts zu When-Can-I-Use.

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