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Landingpage Optimierung Best Practice: Know Your Customer

Hier ein Auschnitt aus einem interessanten Artikel bzgl. Landingpage Optimierung:

  • We asked paying members what they liked most about the SEOmoz service, what ultimately convinced them to sign up, and how they would describe the service to a friend among many other questions.
  • Next we asked non-paying free trial members many questions, including what would make them sign up for the service, which tools they liked the most and least, and what were their most time-consuming SEO tasks.
  • Then we talked with paying members who had canceled, asking them the obvious question: “Why did you cancel?” We also wanted to know what was the one thing that would bring them back.
  • We learned from face-to-face selling. Rand Fishkin, the founder of SEOmoz, could easily sell the service face-to-face at conferences, but commented that he wished his website could be as effective. We therefore asked Rand to pretend we were the prospect while we recorded his approach. We then compared what was on the current website with the details Rand used to sell SEOmoz face-to-face. That enabled us to identify what was missing from the website.
  • We became the customer, which is a great way to see first-hand the good and not-so-good aspects of the actual customer experience.
  • Next, we incorporated our findings into revised “wireframe” pages. A wireframe is a quick rendering of a proposed page, which allows you to prototype quickly without bogging down programmers or designers. We then recruited people from the SEOmoz Twitter feed to participate in usability tests of those wireframes. We wanted to know what they liked and didn’t like on a big-picture basis.

Hier die Techniken die bei der Optimierung angewandt wurden:

  1. We created a web page long enough to tell the story
  2. We infused the headline with curiosity rather than overt “buy me” language
  3. We explained precisely what customers would get at each level
  4. We showcased things customers cared about but SEOmoz had taken for granted
  5. We augmented the message with video
  6. We lowered the “risk bar”, to make it easier for customers to try the service
  7. We asked non-subscribers to tell us why they didn’t even want a $1 membership
  8. 8. We created a quick-start guide so customers could get quick wins

Den ganzen Artikel gibt es hier:
How we made $1 million for SEOmoz—with one landing page and a few emails | Conversion Rate Experts.

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