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9 Richtlinien, die man beim Checkout beachten sollte

Hier ein paar Richtlinien für die Checkoutgestaltung, die sich aus Usability-Tests als Best-Practice herausgestellt haben:

With Christmas fast approaching, it looks like retailers will need to fight for every penny. One surefire way of increasing profits is to focus on the usability of your checkout, since the average cart abandonment rate is reported to be around 60%. But since we’re already in December, it’s unlikely you’ve got time to run a usability test on your own checkout. Don’t panic, here’s a list of 9 guidelines that we’ve derived from observing participants in usability tests of dozens of e-commerce checkouts.

  1. 1. Ask the minimum number of questions
  2. Address security concerns
  3. Use consistent and standard form controls
  4. Place error messages next to the entries that need correcting
  5. Once in the checkout, remove site-wide navigation
  6. Ask questions in a logical order with the easy questions first
  7. Confirm the order before and after submission
  8. Remove sales barriers by addressing common questions
  9. Recognise loyal customers

Den ganzen Artikel zu den Richtlinien gibt es hier:
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