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Interessanter Artikel über “Optimizing Conversion Rates”

Sehr interessanter, 3 teiliger Artikel über die Optimierung von Conversion Rates. Ein Teil umfasst das Thema Usability im E-Commerce. Die essentiellen Zitate sind auch hier gepostet.

Optimizing Conversion Rates: It’s All About Usability | How-To | Smashing Magazine

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Website-Optimierungstool von Google

Es gibt ein neues Website-Optimierungstool von Google, das soweit ich weiß für multivariate Tests eingesetzt werden kann: den Google Website Optimizer.
Vorteile von der Seite:

Mit dem Website-Optimierungstool, dem kostenlosen Tool von Google zum Testen und Optimieren von Websites, erhöhen Sie den Wert Ihrer vorhandenen Websites und die Anzahl der Zugriffe, ohne dass Kosten dafür anfallen. Wenn Sie mit dem Website-Optimierungstool Content und Design von Websites testen und verbessern, können Sie problemlos Ihren Umsatz und Return on Investment (ROI) erhöhen. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob Sie Marketingerfahrung haben oder nicht.

Das Tool findet man hier:
Google Website Optimizer

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AdWords richtig gestalten

Eine kurze Anleitung worauf man bei der Gestaltung von AdWords achten sollte, damit man nicht das Geld in den Kamin feuert. Es geht also um das Generieren qualitativer nicht quantitativer Leads. Zudem wird vorgestellt, wie das Pricing berechnet wird:

1. Keyword relevance to site content: Google will compare keywords to site content to verify the site is relevant.

2. Site content to ad text: Does the ad accurately represent what the site has to offer? Don’t use text that is popular to gain clicks if it doesn’t relate to your site.

3. URL misdirection: Google will verify the display URL and the destination URL are the same the site.

If these things are not met in a satisfactory manner then Google may freeze your ad, or what may be worse, run your ad charging you twice what you should be paying. On the other hand, if you get just the right keywords for your site and great ad text written up then you can actually pay less than others because your ad more accurately represents your site. You must learn how to do keyword research to find the right targets for your ad. Listen up, because this is important!

Don’t go for the popular keywords in your campaigns!

Example: If you are advertising a weight loss product, don’t use “losing weight” as one of your keywords because the competition is too great and it will cost you fortune.

You need to narrow your audience to those most likely to purchase your product and find keywords with a lower search volume to get better cost per click. If you think about it, it is better to pay $5 per click for one keyword with 550,000 searches per month or pay $.40 per click for 20 keywords like “losing weight plans” with an average search of 1,000 per month? You will get more clicks, pay less money, and a more targeted audience for high conversions. Of course remember when picking those keywords, don’t just look at search volume, they need to be relevant keywords.

Just like doing anything else, getting the right information is extremely important and can potentially save you thousands in advertising dollars. A tool I have experience with called Google Ambush has been invaluable to me in marketing my various sites. It helps pick keywords, show price per keyword, and will upload your ad to Google. They also give training videos showing how to effectively use the software as well as give you other marketing tips.

Make Money Online: Get the Right Tool for Google AdWords

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