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Browser-Kompatibilität prüfen mit… “When Can I Use…”

Ein weiterer techniklastiger aber hilfreicher Fund beim Smashing Magazine:

Hilfreiches Tool...

Hilfreiches Tool...

When Can I Use… is a compatibility table that shows which upcoming Web technologies are compatible with which existing browsers. Select from HTML5, CSS3, SVG and a multitude of other technologies, then specify which browsers and versions you want to know about, and it spits out a table that tells you what’s supported and what’s not (including partial support).

Given the wealth of technologies that are just beginning to be available for general use, this table could be a lifesaver for designers who aren’t sure how compatible certain properties and attributes are. Rather than waste time on development only to find out that your nifty code doesn’t work in half the browsers out there, you can turn here to find out first.

Hier gehts zu When-Can-I-Use.

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CSS3 Generator mit gängigen Workarounds für diverse Browser

Gefunden beim Smashing Magazine:

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 is coming. Although legacy browsers do not support new CSS3 features, modern browsers already offer a good measure of support. And you can use them right away, thus improving the user experience while avoiding dirty tricks in your source code. Websites do not have to look the same in every browser, so you can feed modern browsers advanced CSS while displaying a less enhanced version to users on older browsers.

But CSS3 has a variety of new features, and if you haven’t played around with them yet, applying them to your designs might be a bit tricky and time-consuming. Luckily, the design community has released some helpful time-savers for CSS3 coding, all of which showcase the potential of CSS3 and generate code on the fly.

CSS3, please! is a cross-browser CSS3 rule generator that enables you to produce CSS3 properties in your browser window. You can see the results of your inline changes in real time in a preview box. The generated code contains workarounds for legacy browsers, so your CSS rules will remain cross-browser compatible. You can also toggle rules on and off to see how your design is affected. The tool has templates for rounded boxes, box shadow, box gradient, RGBa, box rotate and the @font-face attribute.

CSS3 Generator is similar, but it also explains each CSS3 value and shows the browser requirements of every rule. The tool also generates code for text shadow, multiple columns, box resize, box sizing and outline.

Both tools will come in handy if you want to test any of the CSS3 properties or get cross-browser code that uses the advanced features of modern browsers and accommodates the weaknesses of legacy browsers.

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