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User Experience ISO 13407 ist tot. Lang lebe ISO 9241-210!

Der Nutzerzentrierte Ansatz bzw. die Richtline wurde endlich angepasst.

The standard used to be known as ISO 13407. But last year it was updated and re-issued as ISO 9241-210 to bring it into line with other ISO usability standards. So if you hear anyone talking about ISO 13407, they are out of date. They should be talking about ISO 9241-210.The standard describes 6 key principles that will ensure your design is user centred:

  • The design is based upon an explicit understanding of users, tasks and environments.
  • Users are involved throughout design and development.
  • The design is driven and refined by user-centred evaluation.
  • The process is iterative.
  • The design addresses the whole user experience.
  • The design team includes multidisciplinary skills and perspectives.

ISO 13407 is dead. Long live ISO 9241-210!.

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